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How to Fail At Practically Everything – Jesse Lucas

Jesse Lucas has never been very good at anything. Except failing. When it comes to that he is second to none. Since failure is something we all must deal with, it makes sense to learn how to fail successfully. Harnessing his over three decades of experience in failure, Jesse pulls lessons to be learned from three unique areas. His personal life, famous stories, and old world biblical truths. Join him to learn how to be the best, at the thing we all do.

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Seven Times (2023 release) – Terry Lucas

Understanding the Times, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and God’s Ultimate Plan for the world.

In this book I’ll take you through the entirety of Biblical history, speak to the future, and mix in the current events rocking the prophetic world today. The major players of this book are those that follow Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and in each section  I’ll try and tie all three faiths to the Biblical narrative. The first three sections focus on historical events, the fourth speaks to the present, the last three highlight the future. Sprinkled throughout each time period I’ll throw in an occasional fictional story that will bring the Biblical narrative to life.

The Church’s Mistress (possible 2024 release) – Jesse Lucas